Rubber in Textile Manufacturing

The Use of Rubber in the Textile Industry

The use of rubber strips and rubber bands in manufacturing textiles, footwear, and other miscellaneous garments has grown in popularity over the past few decades.  Rubber bands are useful in a number of ways throughout the entire manufacturing process. From bundling parts and pieces along the assembly line to providing elasticity inside the finished product – the durability and versatility of rubber products make them perfect for applications within the Textile Industry.

Rubber Bands for Elasticity in Undergarments and Disposable Clothing for Healthcare Environments

rubber in textile manufacturing

The type of rubber elastomer that is popular for elasticity within the construction of undergarments is TPE.  TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer.   TPE is widely used in the textile industry because it takes less energy consumption, and it is easily customizable with most batch dyes. However, TPE is not the only elastomer used to create elasticity in clothing. Non-Latex Rubber bands are often sewn into the cuff or waistline of disposable clothing used in the healthcare industry.

Rubber Bands for Denim and Clothing Manufacturing

Rubber bands are also widely used in the process of manufacturing denim and clothing. They are a convenient and reusable tool for bundling parts and pieces together along the assembly line. In many textile manufacturing

facilities, the parts and pieces for the completed product will be bundled together with rubber bands and delivered to individual stations for construction. Additionally, tags with important product information can be firmly secured to the belt loop of jeans or other types of pants using just a rubber band.

Textile manufacturers often utilize rubber bands to create specific patterns or textures in fabric and upholstery. Common applications include tie-dyeing, tie-bleaching, and acid washing. In tie-dyeing, the fabric is folded or bunched and then tightly wrapped with a rubber band before going into the dye. This prevents the dye from entering every portion of the fabric, leaving behind beautiful and unique patterns in the finished product. Similarly, in denim tie-bleaching or acid washing, the fabric is gathered and secured with rubber bands prior to the washing process.

Rubber Bands for Thrift Stores and Online Vintage Clothing Stores

Another popular use for rubber bands is in the resale, consignment, and vintage clothing sector. Thrift stores and online vintage clothing stores are more popular than ever before. Rubber bands provide solutions within the storage and inventory system while also helping to reduce energy, waste, and cost. They’re a price-sensitive, reusable, eco-friendly, and versatile tool. From bundling shoes to attaching custom hang tags to articles of clothing – rubber bands are the perfect solution!

Other uses of rubber and rubber products in the textile and clothing industry include:

  • Preventing frayed hems when sewn inside the seam of banners or flags
  • Securing product within packaging to enhance the presentation

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