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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Real Simple: Rubber Band Life Hacks Featured Image
Real Simple: Rubber Band Life Hacks
  • Posted:
  • Category: Home Use
REAL SIMPLE Magazine recently published a wonderful article in their “New uses for Old Things” section. We were excited to see their enthusiasm for some of the many ways rubber bands can improve daily life. Check out the article below for some great life hacks!   RUBBER BANDS Sure, they can corral a pile of mail or handful...Read More

Changes to the Food Service Industry in 2020 Featured Image
Changes to the Food Service Industry in 2020
  • Posted:
  • Category: Industrial
From school cafeterias to family-owned restaurants and beyond, the food service industry has undergone drastic changes due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.     As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, it’s becoming more important for food service operators to innovate with the changing trends. Even though restaurants have...Read More

No Shuck Oysters Featured Image
No Shuck Oysters
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  • Category: Industrial
Have you ever tried to shuck an oyster? If you have, then you’ll know that trying to pry open an oyster can be quite difficult. Not to mention - dangerous! It’s especially dangerous for an inexperienced shucker. Misplacement of the knife can cause you to accidentally slip and cut yourself.    If you’re determined...Read More