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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.

Rubber Bands for Tattoo Machines

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As a manufacturer of rubber bands, you can imagine that we develop products for a wide range of uses. From parachute rigging to tie-dying and even tattoos! Rubber bands are used around the machine needles and ensure a stable needle and smoother outlines. If the tattoo machine makes a rattling noise and the needle bar […]

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Private Label Products to Sell Online

  • Posted:
  • Category: Industrial, Office Use, School Use

Are you looking for the best private label products to sell online? Private label products (a.k.a. white label products) have, for the first time in a decade, outpaced the sales growth of national brands. Moreover, online shopping is shaping up to be the next major merchandising opportunity for private label products. Private labelling, white labelling… […]

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Complete Tool Box Kits With Essential Items

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  • Category: Hardware

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY’er or a rookie, ensure that you have a complete tool box kit by referencing this handy checklist from Bob Villa and Alliance Rubber Company. Hardware stores began to see a spike in sales at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. As can be expected, they’re continuing to report […]

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