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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.

Earth-Friendly Rubber Bands

  • Posted:
  • Category: Alliance Rubber

Did you know that rubber bands are made from a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource, making them sustainable and eco-friendly? It’s true – rubber bands are better for the earth than many other items commonly used for bundling or packaging.

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2021 Summer Surge in Travel and Events

  • Posted:
  • Category: At Play, Magic Tricks, Personal Use

  Expect a 2021 summer surge in travel and events as restrictions are lifted. People are eager to get out and socialize again which is increasing demand across a wide range of industries such as Gift, Novelty, and Hobby Crafts. According to data from the Transportation Security Administration, more than two million people have passed […]

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From PizzaNet to #ProjectTakeout

  • Posted:
  • Category: Industrial

It’s official – the world is still in love with Takeout and Food Delivery Services in 2021. In fact, 60% of all restaurants reported that offering takeout led to increased revenue. That’s great news considering that more than 73,000 restaurants listed on Yelp were forced to close permanently due to the pandemic. Takeout is the only

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