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Using Rubber Bands to Break in a New Baseball Glove

Thursday, March 07, 2019

It may have been hard to realize given the lack of sunshine over the last few weeks, but baseball season is officially underway once again. Whether you’re gearing up for little league, high school baseball or just a game of catch in the yard, it’s essential that your glove is broken in. If you recently bought a new glove or just want to make sure yours is in tip top shape for the season, follow these steps and you’ll be ready for action in no time.

Place a ball inside your glove in the pocket where you’ll be catching. For slow pitch or softball leagues, use a larger softball to ensure that the pocket is the right size. Oils and conditioners can be applied to the glove before this step, but be sure to only use manufacturer recommended products and don’t over apply.

Next, fold the glove on itself beginning with where your pinky finger sits. When the glove is folded onto itself with the ball resting inside the pocket, wrap a rubber band around it to keep the folded shape in place. Leave the glove wrapped for at least a few days to make sure a well-formed pocket is made.

After removing the rubber band, continue to break it in with games of catch as often as possible to keep establishing and solidifying the pocket of your glove. After the wrap and a few games of catch, you’ll be more than ready to flash some leather on the diamond.


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