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The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball: Meet Will

You may have heard, Will Love is on the way to breaking the world record for largest rubber band ball with a little help from Alliance. Love is from Ruston, Louisiana and works in finance. His fascination with rubber band balls began in while he...

Rubber bands for the food service business

Are you in the food service business? Let our Flexbands and Menu Board Bands make your life easier! Our Flexbands are ideal for upscale packaging. Our Flexbands come in a variety of colors, which make them perfect for color coding different products. Promotions, incentives and product tie-ins...

Rubber Bands for Floral and Produce

Finally! It’s almost May, which means Mother’s Day and farmers’ market season is right around the corner. If you or someone you know has a business selling flowers, Alliance has bands to make your job easier. You can order in large and small quantities depending...

Rubber Bands for the Medical Field

Rubber bands are for everyone. We mean it; everyone! Our Non-Latex Rubber Bands are meant for both the home and the office. Medical offices have loved our non-latex bands being available and reliable for all their patients. We even have non-latex bands with an antimicrobial...

Advertise with our Ad Bands!

Our Ad Bands are a leading supplier of wristbands, exercise bands and other items specifically manufactured for the promotional products industry. They are the perfect solution for personalized promotions and packaging. Ad Bands are a high quality product and are made in America. Its American...

Rubber bands help package products

Rubber bands have a variety of different uses. They can be used for anything from bundling produce to packaging products in boxes. The Wintercheck Factory in Brooklyn uses our durable rubber bands to wrap around their boxes.  We love helping companies find new, innovative uses...

What’s Inside a Rubber Band Ball?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a rubber band ball looks like? Obviously it’s filled with rubber bands, but few could predict what cutting a rubber band ball in half would look like. This video of a father and son team cutting open...

Rubber Bands can save your shower caddy woes!

If you’ve used a shower caddy, you know how easily it can get wobbly! Stop dropping shampoos with a single rubber band. Wrap a band around the shower head nozzle and place your caddy behind it. No more sliding down and no more shampoo bottles...

Bind Pages with a Rubber Band!

In need of a last minute binding for a presentation or project? Or even just looking for a way to organize all your papers? You guessed it, rubber bands are your solution! Punch two holes about four inches apart in your papers, thread each end...

Rubber Band Bound Book

Rubber bands have hundreds of different uses, but did you know they can even be used to bind books? Check out how Ding Dong is creatively bound with a rubber band. We love the way this book looks!




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