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Alliance American Flag

The American flag has been a symbol of our country’s strength for over 200 years. Here at Alliance, America is important to us because 94% of our sales are of American-made products. Consumers who select these products enjoy fresher stock, faster services, better fill-rate and...

Rubber Bands without the Allergy Risk

This band is perfect for a health care environment! An antimicrobial additive permeates each band, inhibiting the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria for the lifetime of the product. Click on the video below to see.

How To Make A Rubber Band Powered Airplane

The perfect pick me up is always a good laugh! During your coffee break on a slow day, try making this fun DIY toy from supplies you can find around the office! We recommend our Advantage Standard Bands for the highest powered plane! Check out...

Stop Your Clothes From Falling Off Their Hangers!

I’m sure we’ve all felt that annoyance of opening up the closet to see our favorite shirts and dresses have fallen off their hangers and ended up on the ground. Not cool! Rather than buy expensive rubber grips for your hangers, we’ll tell you a...

Break In A New Glove Using Rubber Bands

What’s summer without playing a little catch in the yard? Definitely not as fun with a stiff glove. We know a way to help break it in quickly! All you’ll need is vaseline, a washcloth, a rubber mallet, a baseball and, of course, a rubber...

The History of the Rubber Band

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the rubber band and how it worked its way into society today? Wonder no more! Today Gizmodo published “A Brief History of the Rubber Band” on its website. Check it out here, and don’t miss the important role...

Believing in Magic is a “Snap”!

Last week we shared how magic has contributed to our success and mentioned we would share another trick from magician Howard Posener. As promised, feast your eyes on this next trick. It’s amazing how Posener makes that look like a “snap!”

The Secret Behind Our Success

Many have asked how we became America’s largest manufacturer of rubber bands, and we thought it was time to share. The reason: magic. Meet magician Howard Posener. Take a gander at how he gradually multiplies rubber bands

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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.