Rubber Bands In The 1980s

Over the course of a century, Alliance has evolved from a single product to a global leader in multiple industries. Today Alliance represents the benchmark in adapting and inventing simple, practical, and reliable solutions for every day. The remarkable story of Alliance’s first century offers a vision of corporate ingenuity, integrity, and excellence as our Alliance Team continues the legacy of Mr. Spencer and his creative marketing in promoting the many different uses of rubber bands in many different markets. The company’s rich American heritage is built on valuing our associates as our greatest asset. Join us in following the inspiring journey of Alliance’s products.

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The 1980s arrived bringing a roller coaster of change. Satellites, fiber optic, cable TV, and faxes all used a crazy quilt of information. Buying on credit became a way of life, as well as video games, aerobics, minivans, camcorders, and talk shows. Prosperity and double-digit inflation began the spendthrift eighties, and names like Donald Trump, Leona Helmsley, and Ivan Boesky coined the meteoric rise and fall of the rich and famous. At the close of the decade, the Berlin Wall came down, portending great changes for the decades to come. An increasingly popular stationery line evolved yet again with the introduction of our Pic-Pac box in 1984. This 1.5 oz dispenser box easily fits in desk trays while keeping bands organized.

Ad Bands® The world’s first imprinted rubber bands were invented in 1986. While the very first Ad Bands® customer was Bud of California (a division of Dole Fresh Vegetables), the most popular of these imprinted rubber bands, the Pepsi Challenge wristband transformed the wrists of people around the world into miniature billboards. The concept was later adopted by fashion labels, NBA stars, food and beverage brands, and promotional media / ad agencies.


Alliance Rubber Company is a family-owned business with humble beginnings that has grown into a thriving American success story. Since 1923, Alliance Rubber has proudly produced rubber bands for use in the home and workplace. Continuing to manufacture its products in the USA, enables Alliance to provide high-quality products, fast service, and fresh stock that is built to last. Alliance Rubber, a women-owned company, manufactures bands that ‘Hold Your World Together.’

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