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Rubber Bands Make Cool Suspenders

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rubber bands help to make some interesting fashion statements. For instance, a fun way to accessorize your clothing, that many never consider, is rubber band suspenders. Put on some and you’ll be sure to make a colorful splash!


Want to make a pair? It’s pretty easy. Grab a bag of bands. Open it. Put the bands on a table. Tie them together one by one and attach them to your favorite pants.

The best thing about rubber band suspenders is that they always stretch with you. It's everything you could ever want to hold up those bright orange britches this Halloween!!!

Tell us how you use rubber bands during the holiday season. We’d like to thank Samantha, the winner of our latest blog post. She receives a prize pack and t-shirt.

Thank you for participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest. Remember to comment below!

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