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Use Gear Strapz On Your Boat

Thursday, October 08, 2015

When it comes time to take the boat out of water, for the day or for the season, it is important to keep your boat and accessories secure. Learn how our Gear Strapz and Gear Wrapz can get the job done!

Gear Strapz on Boat Cover: Towing with a cover provides less drag and better fuel economy than without. That being said, it can be difficult to find a properly fitted and secure cover for your boat. Often the cover flaps itself to shreds or rubs the finish. Gear Strapz allow the cover to suck down at speed rather than billowing up.

Gear Strapz on Boat Fenders: Fenders are by design big and bulky. Our Gear Strapz are designed to bundle fenders when you are out of the water, giving you more usable space for storage.

Gear Strapz Securing and Tube: How do you stow a tube to the back of your boat? Gear Strapz allow you to place your tube on the sun lounge on the back of your boat and tie it down. We suggest having a person put a hand on the tube just to make sure the wind doesn't get underneath it.

Gear Strapz on Tackle Box: Keep your lures protected and well organized with a simple Gear Strap that allows you to categorize tackle fast.

Gear Wrapz Securing Rope: The best way is to store the rope when not in use is directly to the stern with Gear Wrapz. 

Gear Wrapz on Fishing Poles:Most anglers have more than one fishing rod and storing them without possible damage can be a nightmare. There is a wealth of expensive rod holding systems on the market, but they do not have to be your only choice. With a well place Gear Wrap, you can make your own inexpensive rod holding system. Properly storing your rod will extend its life for years.


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