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The 4 Way Band, a Stacker's Best Friend

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

At some point we have all needed to carry a big stack of something. Whatever stack it may be, the challenge is always balancing it and not letting it fall. It can also be an embarrassing job because you look like you’re auditioning to be a circus act.

Thanks to the 4 Way Band™ this task is much less challenging. We wrote about a similar item recently called the Corner to Corner™ band. While both are made to enclose the contents by expanding around it, the 4 Way Band™ is made to aid in stacking, while Corner to Corner™ is made to contain a smaller pile of filings.

The 4 Way Band™ was actually a custom creation for a specific publishing customer in the United Kingdom that needed a solution to bundling a stack of books (see the picture below). We created a band that would be convenient and flexible enough for them to gently hold the books together. If you have a specific need, call us. We can supply bulk buyers with bands in any color.

Of course, there’s all sorts of uses for the 4 Way Band™. You can bundle books or files or even bundle boxes together for short-term storage or transportation. How would you use a 4 Way Band™?

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