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Football Spotlight: Brandon Carr's Popping Habit

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rubber BandWith the fall quickly approaching and pre-season in full swing, rubber bands are making a big impact on football season! It's not just tailgating and superfans representing the beloved sport this year. No matter what fandom your team and division, we can all agree that rubber bands can help us all win.

And that's certainly the philosophy of the hopeful comeback kid, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr. The player's salary was recently cut, and, in attempt to regain some of his mojo, Carr has taken to our favorite accessory: the rubber band.

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The cornerback has had a few bad years and hit a career low last year. He has decided to take matters into his own hands — or on his own wrist, as it were. Carr wears a rubber band around his wrist (he also wears a large one in his hair) and pops it to celebrate and reinforce positive plays and interceptions. When Carr played for Kansas City five years ago, he discovered the good luck that comes with a rubber band reminder — and his 2011 game day skills were "on and (ahem) popping!" He wore one rubber band around his wrist, snapped it to celebrate any interceptions, and had the best year in his career. (His respectable personal record is four interceptions in a season.)

"I brought them back out to get the juice going again," Carr said with the recent pay cut (slashed from $9.1 million to $3.6 million) because of a few bum years, Brandon Carr has got a big year ahead of him and a whole lot to prove. What better way to celebrate his good times than with the familiar pop of a rubber band to keep him in the zone? Here's hoping the magic of rubber bands will liven up Carr's upcoming season. Who knows? Maybe all the NFL cornerbacks will get in on the tradition. Now that would be a touchdown!

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