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Easily Organize Your Mountain of Mail

Friday, September 30, 2016

The organizing experts agree — sorting your snail mail is one of the most commonly neglected chores. Most Americans are busy with work, family, and more, and don't have the time or willpower at the end of the day to immediately deal with the administrative task of processing their personal mail. And who could blame you? There are nagging bosses, strict carpool schedules, and precious few moments for yourself throughout the day. Alliance rubber bands Pic Pac.

Rubber Bands for MailWe're trying to make sorting mail fun again! Or, at least, not as daunting of a task as it can seem after piling up. Every day or so when you get your mail, have a small box or container of some sort ready to house your letters.

1. Stop The Junk

First things first, chunk the junk mail! If you see it when you get the mail, and it's not something you need or want, go ahead and file it straight to the recycle bin. Pro Tip: To cancel unwanted paper mail, check out

2. Get Organized

Then comes the fun part. Using the super bright Alliance Pic Pac, organize your snail mail via rubber band color and size. For example, you can use pink or blue rubber bands for things having to do with your kids. Orange rubber bands are good for bills — they are durable, and there are large size and bright color will remind you that these are action items.

Brites Rubber Bands

We like to use the green rubber bands for invitations to social events, cultural happenings (theatre, local symphony performances), and community events. And, for those who run a business from their home, the yellow rubber band is a sunny reminder that can hold tax forms, checks, and invoices. We reserve the purple rubber band for catalogs we actually want to shop in and coupons.

The Alliance Pic Pac is a great way to liven up the sometimes daunting task of processing your snail mail. After sorting everything with this great product, reserve about 20 minutes once a week to read letters, pay bills, and add events to your calendar. Voila! Another problem solved with the magic of rubber bands.

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