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Alliance Rubber Company: International

Monday, June 03, 2019
Alliance Rubber Company is no stranger to providing solutions to a wide variety of industries. From PLU printed rubber bands used to bundle fruits and vegetables internationally to simple yet reliable rubber bands used within the newspaper industry in the USA, we are dedicated to “holding your world together” no matter the location!
We are proud to manufacture our 2,200 products in the USA and serve them to our customers in over 55 countries. In fact, we have a dedicated international team which is familiar with each country and its specific guidelines. We also offer distributor training that includes training manuals and sales collateral in Español. We are also working on the launch of an internationally focused website which will easily translate across nations and languages, preventing any barriers to providing solutions where they’re needed, when they’re needed.
Our international team connects and reconnects with our distributors by exhibiting in the top trade shows across the globe. They use this time to build new relationships and nurture the existing. You may have seen us at the world’s largest agricultural trade show in Germany this year, Fruit Logistica, or you may have a meeting scheduled with one of our team members at the upcoming Expo Pack Guadalajara en Mexico. Either way, we want to continue competing on the global stage and we know that this is a “relationship business.” Making connections and reconnections each year is vitally important, so we want to hear from you!
Raquel Carter
Lizbeth Fernandez
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