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Monday, July 15, 2019
One of the most obvious seafood uses for Alliance Rubber Company's products belongs to lobster banding. This is where rubber bands are used to band lobster claws at catch point to protect them from each other in the holding tanks as well as protecting those who handle them from painful nips. Our bands minimize the probability of damage to soft-shelled claws and maximize the quality and flavor of the meat. Different bands are often used in banding claws: a softer stretch band for soft-shelled lobsters and a tighter stretch band for hard shells. We have been supplying these bands to the seafood industry for over 50 years.
Over those 50 years, we've become very familiar with the needs of those within this special market, and have been working to provide solutions in any way that we can. During this time, we've learned that there is a great deal of pain and wear on lobster fishermen's bodies from the repeated use of manual banding tools used to apply the rubber bands. In response to that, we developed an automatic banding machine which cuts and applies rubber bands directly to the lobster's claws. We've also learned that there is a need to identify and label the gender of large native clams in the Pacific Northwest (named "geoduck") which are in high demand overseas. Our solution: color coding the rubber bands which are already being used to maintain freshness and improve flavor. 
Alliance Rubber Company is committed to providing solutions for a myriad of needs within the seafood industry such as:
• Branded Rubber or Silicone Bands for Caviar Packaging
• Automatic Banding Machine to Alleviate the Pain from Manual Lobster Banding
• Printed Lobster Bands to Meet Traceability Requirements
• Geoduck Sex Identification with Color-Coded Rubber Bands
• Rubber Bands to Secure Dungeness Crabs for Live-Shipments
• Larger Bands for Securing Cooked Crabs to Packaging for Grocery Display
• Silicone Seafood Bands to Withstand Extreme Temperatures and Storage From One Season to the Next
• Rubber Bands Around Clams and Oysters to Keep them Fresher Longer
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