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DIY Face Masks to Protect from COVID-19

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
The World Health Organization, in response to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), released new informational videos and graphics regarding disposable masks.
This is great information; however, the United States is currently experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), mainly N95 masks, to assist in avoiding contamination of the novel coronavirus. 

When N95 masks are not available, what other PPE can be used?
When N95 masks are not available, surgical face masks are the next available choice. Researchers found that surgical face masks were roughly 89 percent effective in combating the spread of virus particles that are .02 microns in size (that’s about five times smaller than the coronavirus). 
Medical personnel are also relying on plastic face shields which are effective in avoiding contamination. For these types of PPE, we provide Non-Latex® Rubber Bands.
The bands secure the shield firmly in place and are manufactured with our latex free compound for use in medical facilities.
However, these items also becoming harder and harder to find. 
When surgical masks and plastic face shields are not available, what can be done?
We have seen security workers, clinic personnel, and many in the general public wearing homemade masks. These are generally constructed out of paper napkins and a rubber band. However, there is currently a surge in hand sewn cloth face masks.
You can claim your free download of our Face Mask Sewing Pattern with Instructions here. This document explains how to make your own mask at home using our #64 Non-Latex® Rubber Bands or #117B Non-Latex® Rubber Bands!

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