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Jockey Tack & Equine Accessories

Monday, September 21, 2020
JOCKEY TACK AND EQUINE ACCESSORIESJockeys and Equestrians use a lot of equipment to keep riders and horses safe and comfortable.
For the riders:
Jockeys wear helmets while racing. Those helmets are equipped with helmet covers that have to be secured to stay in place. For this, they use one 9” x ¾” rubber band. One great thing about these Helmet Rubber Bands is that they’re also available in many different colors! 
Another use specific to Jockey Tack is a rubber wristband to keep silks in place while riding. When Jockeys are riding, they don’t want the sleeves of their silks getting in the way of their hands, so this rubber wristband holds the cuffs safely in place. 
When Jockeys use our Helmet Bands and Rubber Wristbands they can focus on what’s important!
For the horses:
Horses need to be in their best shape when racing! This keeps the horse and their rider safe. From increasing their fitness to braiding and taming their wild manes, Alliance offers a number of essential equine accessories.  
Did you know that Resistance Bands help strengthen horses’ core muscles? 
That’s right: according to a study in 2017, “after four weeks of resistance band training, horses showed less unwanted vertebal movement along the back.” This not only gives them better vertebral stability, but also improves their back health and performance. If you visit this link you can read the full study about these bands and their impact on horses. 
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