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Rubber Bands In Style

Friday, September 28, 2012

We just love doing fun things with style!! And when it comes to fashion, the rubber band offers unique ways to dress up your shirts. We dedicate this blog post to Amber Warfield, who wrote in that, “Rubber bands are my go to item for organizing all of my craft supplies like pens/pencils and markers. I also love them for doing tie dye shirts.”


We do, too. When it comes to tie dye projects, rubber bands help you keep everything organized and they help you make the shirt. Interested in making your own t-shirts? Here is the “411 on the down low” from the experts:

Put on some clothes that you can stain. If you have long hair, put a rubber band around it. Spread your drop cloth over your work area and put on some gloves. Put your designated shirt on a flat surface. From there, you’ll need to select a starting point. Pinch a piece of fabric. Manipulate and twist. Then, secure bundles of fabric with rubber bands.

With that done, get some dye, mix it up, and put it in some squirt bottles. Use the bottles to saturate sections of the shirt. Play around with the design all you want. Be careful, however, because you don’t want to contaminate the individual sections. After all the squirting and twisting, put your shirt in a plastic bag. Let it sit for about 24 hours. Unwrap, rinse and wash a couple of times with synthropol or baby shampoo. Then, it’s time to dry.

It’s that simple and “ever so stylish.” Tell us how you use your rubber bands.

We’d like to thank Laura, the winner of our latest blog post. She receives a prize pack and t-shirt.

Thank you for participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest. Remember to comment below!


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