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Rubber Band For A Good Cause

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Every year, rubber bands help numerous volunteer projects. Take a look around and you’ll find some of the best bands help organize some of the most endearing causes.

Soles4Souls is a great example. In times of need, they provide shoes free of charge. It’s easy to slip and fall without proper footwear. It’s happened to the best of us and most of us have at one time or another. That's why these kind of projects are so heartfelt and make such a difference. We cling to those favorite slippers. Truth is, they are probably best served with people that truly need them.


“I collect used shoes for…Soles4Souls.  Before delivering the shoes to their warehouse in Wadley, Alabama, I sort and match up pairs.  In order to keep the pairs of shoes together, I either tie the shoestrings or rubber band them together,” Marta Turner said. “I have been collecting and rubber banding these shoes for the last three years and have found that rubber bands are truly the perfect tool for the job. I use three different sizes to accommodate everything from steel toe work boots down to flip-flops.  They are flexible, yet strong, and very quick and easy to use.”

She continued, “I have delivered over 45,000 pairs of shoes so far and rarely do I have a problem with the rubber bands breaking or not holding the shoes together firmly.  Though my use may not be so wonderfully creative, I feel that these rubber bands help serve a higher purpose by facilitating getting shoes onto the feet of people in need.”

All Soles4Souls says they want is to provide relief to families in the form of safe, sturdy footwear--one of the sweetest missions you'll find. Connect with the organization, currently working to help those impacted by Hurricane Isaac, at

We’re thankful Marta chooses Alliance Rubber Bands to assist in getting her Soles4Souls projects to their destinations...neat and organized. It's a simple, yet powerful reminder, that rubber bands make a huge difference in our everyday projects.

We’d like to thank Kyli, the winner from our September 5th blog post. She receives a free prize pack and Bandology T-shirt.

Thank you for being here and participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest!!  Remember to comment below!

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