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Grab That Float, Line, Hook, & Rubber Band

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A good, tall fish tale about the one that got away is always great to hear on the boat. With legs propped up and a beverage in hand, jug line fishing is fun. Don’t know about jug line fishing? It’s just an alternative way to catch a catfish.

Let’s say, however, that you are out fishing and decide that you’d like to give that 10-foot pole a try. Wondering how you are going to stow that jug line and keep things neat? A hook can get caught in so many things. That’s why, fellow fisher people, you need to grab a rubber band. It’s so easy to wrap up your stuff and put it where you want!!

Just take a look at our latest rubber band use submitted by Brian W. of Arkansas. He calls his rubber band a Jug Lines-Hook Holder!!

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our blog posts. We really want you to comment on each one.


jug line fishing

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