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When You're Ready To Play Ball, Rubber Bands Help You Perform At Your Best

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new baseball glove needs a few things before heading out into the baseball field. A brand new glove can be hard and difficult to bend when you need to catch the ball. So, it’s important to soften one up before attempting to use it for the first time. Most people don’t know it, but rubber bands can help with that process.

To help soften up your mitt, apply some heat with a hair dryer for a couple of minutes. Then, buff and rub some petroleum jelly, baby oil, or shaving cream into it. If it feels dry after the first coat, apply a second one. Then, place a baseball in the glove and wrap it with rubber bands. Let the ball sit like this for several days.

Doing this with your new glove should help you perform better and it will feel better, too. Remember, the more you use the glove, the easier it will be to catch that fastball!

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