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Captain America Tie Dye Shirt ~ Becoming America's Super-Soldier

Friday, May 01, 2015


As a wife, homeschool mom, community builder, freelance writer and craftswoman, Stephanie Buckley is a real life Super-Mom! Stephanie, author of The Park Wife and owner of The Women Bloggers, guest blogs today telling how she and her son used Tie-Dye Bands to prepare for the release of Marvel’s latest motion picture, “The Avengers”. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in theatres today, and everything in my house is about Captain America, our favorite Avenger.

Ever since his creation as a comic book character in the 1940s, Captain America has been written as a person who embodies what's best about America, traits such as individualism, justice and fairness.

Our youngest son IS Captain America.  He steps up at the chance to fight evil, not for the glory or for revenge, but because it is the right thing to do. I love that there is a mainstream character that he can look up to knowing that his values and heart are pure.

So, to celebrate and prepare for opening night, we made Tie Dye Captain America shirts.

Gather Supplies


     1. Bind shirt with four (4) Alliance Rubber Bands.

Apply Dye: Apply tie dye in between each of the banded areas. You will want to saturate each section and not leave any white. The order is Blue, Red, White, Red, then Blue of the Super Soldier Serum, well, just use the dye.

     3. Once finished dyeing, wrap in plastic wrap, this will protect your surface and prevent the shirt from drying out. Freeze for 70 years!  Or, let it set for 6-8 hours.

     4. Rinse the shirt under running water until all the dye is out. It takes a while, but eventually, the water will run clear. Be strong soldier!

     5. Cut off the Made in the USA Alliance Rubber Bands and wash by itself with a small amount of detergent, set to hottest water suitable for fabric and LARGE LOAD ~ like Captain America’s muscles. Dry in dryer.

     6. Measure the middle bull’s eye area of the shirt. Print out or hand draw a star to this size on your freezer paper.  Cut out star and center it in the middle of the shirt. Use a hot iron to press the design onto the shirt.

     7. Use fabric paint on inside stencil. I used a sponge to give the star a more distressed look.  Use a hair dryer to speed up drying time. Once dry, peel off stencil to reveal star!

Now, go out and take on the world, unleash your inner superhero!  

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