The History of Alliance

Everything Old Is New Again!

Friday, October 05, 2018

John A. Muehe shared some wonderful history about the wagon shown in the attached image when he contacted Alliance to thank us for the rubber bands used on the wheels of this recently reconstructed family heirloom. He told us the original wagon was built by his grandfather, Leo V. Bott, around 1944. John found the remains of the original when cleaning out a shed at his mom's house and she said her dad had made it for him.  His grandfather was a blacksmith at the Wabash RR shop in Moberly, Missouri. John put it aside for a few years and finally remade a new box this summer.  His grandfather had made the iron frame by hand so John just cleaned the rust off and painted it and, in honor of his grandfather, John’s daughter inscribed the name "Bott Flyer" on it.  We are pleased to be a small part of a family treasure that has now spanned three generations.


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