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Reduce Grocery Store Shrinkage with ProTape®

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

In grocery stores, produce shrinkage is nearly double the amount of shrinkage of other retail outlets. The biggest culprit: issues at checkout. This is directly related to PLU entry errors. That can happen when the wrong PLU codes are entered, produce is weighed incorrectly, produce is weighed when it should be charged by quantity instead, or more often than not, when organic produce is keyed in as a non-organic produce item.

It’s very easy to confuse organic produce with non-organic produce. The two look almost identical, but there is a considerable difference in price and quality. This can be overlooked by customers when they check themselves out, as well as a rushed or inexperienced cashier.

Customers who are concerned with their health are more likely to choose organic over non-organic because it is more nutritious and lacks potentially harmful chemicals. The customer most definitely isn’t purchasing organic solely for the higher price that reflects these benefits. For this reason, some customers deliberately enter their produce as non-organic  to save a little money. In fact, a recent survey by The Atlantic found that 20% of shoppers admit to using PLU codes for a cheaper item at checkout.

However, the reasons aren’t always deceitful. A cashier might  see a produce item and simply not know if it is organic or non-organic, or maybe the cashier is rushed and enters the wrong PLU code purely by mistake. These are just a few examples of what can possibly happen.

In all the multiple ways that errors at point of sale can cause high amounts of shrinkage in grocery stores, we have found one solution: ProTape®

ProTape® is used for produce bundling and allows for a barcode to be placed on each individual item. This makes scanning produce much simpler and easier for both the customer and the employee. The barcode makes scanning produce as simple as it is to scan a case of water bottles (without the hassle of lifting up the heavy case, of course!) It is also FDA compliant for direct food contact, allowing you to wrap it around each produce item without the fear of stickiness or anything left on the product.

ProTape® is available in standard or custom designs. For example, one grocer in California uses a standard organic design to brightly label each organic product and clearly distinguish it from the rest. Not only does the bright design call attention to the fact that it is organic, but it also contains a bar code to ensure that the correct price is charged at checkout. This way, from the shelf all the way to the point of sale, there is no mistaking the product for another!

It’s simple: reduce the risk of incorrect PLU entry at checkout and you will reduce shrinkage in your grocery store.

You may say tomato, and someone else may say to-mah-to, but each of those veggies will have their own barcode that is easy to scan at the cash register - all thanks to ProTape®!

For more information about ProTape® visit our Produce, Floral & Grocers page. Want to learn more? Fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page and someone will be in touch soon!

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